About Us (and the Blog)

See the girl in the picture? That is SO me.
(Obviously, this is the longer version than what's on the main page of the blog.)

Allie: I love to read and write - the only genres I definitely do not like are horror and pure unobstructed romance; I will give anything else a try once - and I am obsessed with music to the point of madness. That is why I regularly post the Music Monday meme here. I love horses, too, so if I'm not writing or blogging or listening to music or browsing the web (or getting on with work) you can probably expect me to be out in the stable. I am also interested in photography, movies, art, and many, many TV shows.
(So either I'm going to die of a stress-induced coronary disease, or from one of my increasingly recurrent horse riding accidents. And you wonder why I'm such a pessimist...)

I do most of the editing of the layout of the blog, which I'm sure most people find insanely boring, but due to my chronic perfectionism I find an endless task, but oddly satisfying.

Otherwise? I am inseparable from Tora, and I hope I'm an interesting enough person to make you want to read my blog posts.  (My titles tend to be the more...blunt ones, so you can probably tell which are mine without neven starting to read them.)

Oh, and the reason why most of the text on this blog is either white on black or red on black is because I have crazy bad eyesight and can't see some other colour combinations very well. Think Mark Zuckerberg's red-green colourblindness leading to the main Facebook colour being blue. :)

Tora: everything Allie said. 

(NB from Allie: She's being self-deprecating. She is a goth-hippie, singer-songwriter, and an all-round brilliant person. Who has read a lot of books I haven't and often threatens me into reading them. But I digress. 

Tora's skills? Well, according to this section of her CV:

Take from it what you will.

She is astoundingly creative and never ceases to amaze me. And no, this is not Tora writing from my/Allie's perspective bigging herself up. She is seriously that cool. I would add more, but I'm going to leave it there in the hope I haven't said anything she's going to hate me for. 

About the Blog:

I, Allie, write about books a lot. And writing, and horses, and food. 

Tora, in all her goth-hippie glory, who is not as obsessive about posting regular mush rants as I am, blogs about life and usually has more interesting things to say that I do.

Health Warning: Fatal levels of insanity have been detected around this blog. If you are allergic to, or dislike, such high levels of insanity, you should probably leave. As we have issued this warning we can take no responsibility for any injury or madness caused by reading this blog.

But, if you are willing to open your mind and feast on the delights that can be found here (we hope), then you are welcome to stay for as long as you like, or go and return as often as you want. No, there's no need to take off your shoes - and why don't you have a cup of tea while you're at it? We've got muffins as well. 

What do you mean, they taste like mouldy old socks?!

If you've made it this far, you might as well look through the blog archive...