Sunday, 22 May 2011

Allie's Music Meme...

This is where you put your iPod/music playing apparatus on shuffle, and for every question, you answer with the song that's playing. Twinsis introduced me to it...As you know I'm a music maniac, so I'm just glad I didn't have to thing I'm kinda annoyed about is that no Adele songs came up, even though she's one of my favourite artists, and I listen to her albums almost more than any of the others...but alas, that is the way of doing things randomly...

Opening Credits: Drive My Car, The Beatles
Waking Up: Puncture Repair, Elbow
First Day at School: Dog Days Are Over, Florence and The Machine
Falling in Love: Hard Headed Woman, Elvis Presley
Fight Song: Moondance, Van Morrison
Breaking Up: Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves, Eurythmics
Prom: Black Horse And The Cherry Tree, KT Tunstall
Life's OK: Jigsaw, Ryan Sheridan
Mental Breakdown: Uprising, Muse
Flashback: Last Leaf, The Cake Sale (it's a charity album)
Getting Back Together: Homebird, Foy Vance
Wedding: Girl With One Eye, Florence And The Machine
Birth of Child: An Audience With The Pope, Elbow
Final Battle: This Love (Will Be Your Downfall), Ellie Goulding
Death Scene: Travelin' Soldier, Dixie Chicks
Funeral Song: Marchin' On, OneRepublic
End Credits: Bedshaped, Keane
After Credits Twist: SING, My Chemical Romance
Verdict (Your view of what all this means): Errr....That I have excellent musical taste?

No, really, I think it means:
The start is pretty happy, sort of carefree, but with underlying tones of emptiness...then school starts and it's all hope, but when it came to love life sort of laughed at me for a while. I had friends, but I was a dreamer, and I fell easily for fa├žades. I broke up with my boyfriend because I wanted to be independent and even though I thought I was in love, really in love, there was too much going on and I needed a break. I celebrated being tough and single, and I was upbeat and happy for a while. But then everything started to get to me, being alone without anyone to really depend on wasn't working. I got paranoid and was on the verge of becoming an anarchist when I thought about what I used to have and how I wanted it back. I wanted to go home, and boyfriend took me back; he'd been in love with me the whole time. Our wedding was a bit of a shambles because neither of us wanted a huge-fluffy-princess-and-prince event, and we just wanted to snub society by saying, 'Look, we're young and madly in love, and we're going to do this our way, OK?' by choosing the most inappropriate first dance songs we could think of. And then we had kids and we were totally devoted to them, but we wanted them to grow up happy but with values and everything, but still knowing we'd drop everything for them if they needed us. Love was ultimately the downfall of things...there was a death out in CountryAndWesternLand, but we knew at the funeral that we had to keep marching on, keep living. So I decided I'd start doing good deeds for people, and fighting because even though I knew I'd probably lose, I might be able to save people. And stuff.

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