Wednesday, 18 May 2011


I'm in an even more book-ish mood than usual today...if that's humanly possible. I just don't seem to have enough time to read with my exams going on...but I'm going to start the summer by stocking up on all things literary. I think I'll deserve it...

Anyway. I've been looking round the interweb for new books to get...Better give the Wondrous Reads blog a plug here - if you like reading even remotely, go there. If you are as obsessed as I am and haven't looked at it yet - GO THERE NOW!

And I remembered that I haven't blogged today. Well, I have sort of, through Tora posting our scene....(you'll get used to our shorthand for these things. Trust me, there are scenes way longer than that...wait 'til you see some of our short stories. Well, mine. I can never write enough. I don't even realize how long the stories go on for.) But I thought I better post something myself.

So, to coincide with my mood, I'm going to post a list of what I'm reading, at them moment (I know I mentioned three of them yesterday, but I've finished two of them now) all of which are library books. (The last one I bought was Scorpia Rising, the new - and last - Alex Rider book by Anthony Horowtiz. If you haven't heard of it.)

Crossing The Line - Gillian Philip (YA fiction)
Just finished this about two days ago. The cover made it really stand out, but to be honest the blurb doesn't do it justice. You need to read it to really get the depth of everything it's about. I just had to keep reading once I started. Definitely worth a read!

The Search For WondLa - Tony DiTerlizzi (Kids)
This is by the guy who wrote the Spiderwick Chronicles (with Holly Black) but it wasn't that that made me pick it up...again, excellent example of how important the cover is. Haven't started it yet, but it looks good. The illustrations throughout (which manage not to look to childish, judging by what I've seen from flicking through) are a bonus.

Annan Water - Kate Thompson (YA fiction)
Literally about a page into this one! Kate Thompson is a brilliant writer - I've read so many of her books! - and can't wait to really see what this one's like.

Wintercraft - Janna Burtenshaw (YA fiction)
Gothic, supernatural, magical, dark. Can't wait to get stuck into it. Need I say more?

The Death Defying Pepper Roux - Geraldine McCaughrean (YA fiction)
This is one that's just been waiting for me to pick it up. Not started it yet, but its supposed to be excellent.

The Thing With Finn - Tom Kelly (Kids)
Not something I'd usually go for, but I've heard of it and thought I might as well try it. I've read a couple of chapters (I don't like stopping in the middle of books much, but what can you do?) already, don't know when I'll get time to finish it....

Speaking of time and not having enough of it, I'd better go. Hope you enjoyed this post, non-existent readers, and weren't too bored....


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