Saturday, 28 May 2011

Perfecting My Crab Impression



The two sides of me clash so much. One moment I'm so caught in music, and art that flows and ebbs through scrict routines that school work and timetables are always left behind for the impulses.

The next, I'll be alphabetically ordering my school books and doing my homework on time. But so recently, now, WITH MY EXAMS coming up, art has decided to show herself again, and capture me again.




*stretches arms*

Anyone read True Grit? Read it. Watch it. And then realize how much better the Rook Sister's films are gonna be. The world awaits us.

In my dreams.

Which are all set to become reality.

Thank you, and goodnight,


P.S Crabs. Gotta love 'em. Not tasty though. Have my first bit of crab meat last Tuesday...

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