Sunday, 26 June 2011

Currently I'm...

I'm stealing this meme from Zoe (who stole it from Khy, who stole it from Jordyn, who stole it from Alexa, who stole- well, you get the idea ). It's just a list of things you are currently doing. I'm not going to set a regular day because it will probably end up becoming the post we/I do to cure boredom and to make sure there is something new on the blog if there hasn't been a post in a while.

Current Book: I just started Spindle's End by Rob McKinley, and don't know if I like it yet. If I do like it, it will be great because it's pretty long...Mainly I picked it up because I need something to read while I wait for books I have ordered/new releases that should be out soon.

Current Playlist: This is constantly changing, as I have a huge 'playlist', but right now I've been listening to You Lost Me by Christina Aguilera a lot (sad, but brilliant for writing) songs from Dionne Bromfield's new album, Good For The Soul, and Mumford & Son's album Sigh No More.

Current Colour: Black...and purple.

Current Favourite TV Show: House - I've been on a bit of a binge for the past week, flying through episodes...

Current Wishlist: for my writer's block to go away, and the summer to last forever. And for Tora to wake up so I can talk to her.

Current Book Wishlist: ARGH. I could list the fifty-two books I want, but it would just be a waste of time, since by the end of it I still won't have any of those books, and will feel even more depressed about not having them. I am thinking of trawling bookshops later today if I can, because I think I'm about to go INSANE from not not having anything new.

Current Needs: see above, and see below.

Current Bane of My Existence: writer's block. As I have stated several times over the past few days. I only have nine weeks left of summer, I need to write something!

Current Objects Around Me: A sleeping cat, the hardback library copy of Spindle's End by Rob McKinley, a  pile of notebooks, a dictionary, a ton of random sheets of paper, various pieces of jewellery.

Currently Thinking: I really need to finish this post, because I have things to do...


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