Sunday, 5 June 2011

Meeting Joe Craig

I'm spreading the news like a deliberate wildfire - I met Joe Craig!  
The cover of one of Joe's books, Jimmy Coates: Revenge

For those of you who haven't heard of Joe (Shock! Horror!), he writes a series called Jimmy Coates. The title character is a genetically engineered assassin. But he doesn't know it yet. Until men in suits (the epitome of ominous...ness...) turn up of the doorstep; Jimmy's parents seem to recognize them, especially when they say, "We're here for the boy." Jimmy's mother tells him to run. He does - and thus begins the adventure...The first book, Killer, (or 'Assassin?' in America) was published in 2005 and there have been six books since. The two last ones, Blackout and Genesis, are yet to be published. I've been reading this series for so long...I'm very loyal to it!

Joe's event took place in a circus big top! Like all my inner kid's dreams come true.

t was hilarious...German accents ("Do you like my moustache? YOU VILL LIKE MY MOUSTACHE!") Bob the Australian herder/deliverer (No, he actually herds/delivers Australians to people. So that other people can come to their house and the Australian will say, "G'day mate, mind if put something on the barbie?" and "Stone the flamin' crows!" etc etc. No offence meant in the stereotype.), dinosaur slaves who turn on Bob, evil grandmas ("Kiss my fist, Bobby!"), and the inevitable involvement of the army and a mad scientist.

However, I mer other authors, too. My first meeting with Joe happened on Friday, and I saw him again on Saturday at a workshop. I'm going to mention everyone else in another post, because this one will become waaaaay too long.


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