Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Post Pals - Helping Make Sick Children Smile

Post Pals is a charity that aims simply to brighten the lives of terminally and seriously ill children across the UK. 

Pal Anna-Mae C
By clicking on the names of the listed children on the website, people (that means you, Twin Sister Bubble readers!) can read updates about how they're doing, and can send letters, postcards, gifts and emails. Though the child might not be able to reply, you know that they are smiling and have a little happy moment in their day because of you. Post Pals was set up by Vikki, who is 26 and suffers from severe ME. She runs the charity from her laptop because although her illness has improved, she is usually bed-bound and only with the help of several other team members and a whole heap of volunteers can the charity continue to help the Pals themselves. She has won awards for her work and has brought smiles to countless children who need an extra bit of TLC - including the siblings of the Pals, who often don't get as much attention as they should. 

Pal Jessica M
However, Post Pals can never have enough Posters (members of the public like you and me who send smiles!) and also needs donations to help keep it going. All you have to do is follow the link here, read through the site (there are some guidelines to follow and plenty of information about the Pals to be found) and decide what you think will make a child smile! Posters can be from anywhere in the world, and every single one makes a difference. Giving a small piece of happiness isn't difficult, and, as someone who is a Poster, it's definitely a very worthwhile way of using up
those extra few minutes in the day :)

And here's the all important link to the Post Pals website! And a few others: you'll find the Caringbridge site of Pal Nia S and the blog of Pals Seren and Dylan's mum Rebecca on our blog list. More will be added soon! And in case you hadn't heard about sensational Pal Alice P already - her personal Bucket List blog has gone  viral! She's even been trending on Twitter.                                                                        

So. Go on. Make someone smile. Post, promote, donate. Easy as.


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