Thursday, 21 July 2011

The Spectacle Of Straight Rain

It's outside. Straight/rain.


I've just come out of the school year for Summertime, wrote a few songs, and trailing through the posts-I've-started but not finished. Drafts, I think.

Anyways... I think I'll tell you a little about my life right now before I go finish them all and pepper you with Tora-rity.

I got hyper on Meekakitty, especially, especially her songs-

Harry Potter! Whoo!

And this is just beautiful:

Whilst this is suitably insane:

They're just so catchy... and you know I'm a sucker for catchy songs.

There are so many amateur music writers on the YouTube Land, it's astounding, and so of the talent is just beautiful. And soon I'll be one of them ;).

Aside with the (Self) Un-paid promotion, and have a lovely time.

Virtual Hugs~~


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