Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Any vampires that sparkle are clearly fairies.

(Well? Did that sound more like a Tora-titled post?)

I've been watching a lot of movies lately. Too many. Although, really there isn't such a thing...Especially musicals. And now I can't get the songs out of my head. Even when I'm supposed to be working through my mountains of work. When I'm online, there should be an advantage to being a fast typer (aside from the fact that any keyboard I use protests vehemently to my incessant hammering) but I never seem to have enough time, ever.

Time. Healer of all wounds my- Well, never mind that. But needless to say it's tendency to run away with itself gets on my nerves. But you know how it is...the show must go on. You don't need to hear my complaining about how little time I have to do stuff. (Although, mentioning it does give me a chance to tell you about one of my favourite books ever - The New Policeman by Kate Thompson. Awesome, awesome book. Vivid, funny, and full of Irish mythical people and legends Tír na n'Óg here I come! Hey, I might even do a review of it next time I get around to re-reading it...)

Not sure how many of you will be reading this, but I haven't posted in a while, so I decided I'd better do something to show y'all I'm still alive....

Current Book: Specials, by Scott Westerfield - this author was recommended to me by a friend, but since I couldn't get my hands on Leviathan (Don't worry, I know it's supposed to be brilliant, and I'm in the process of tracking it down!) I found The Uglies series to get me through while I wait. So far it looks good - it's pure dystopian, which I can only read in small doses (Needless to say it took me a long time to build myself up to read Catching Fire, and - I know, I know, everyone shall shun me for this - I haven't read Mockingjay yet...sorry fellow Hunger Games fans!) though I do love it. Something to do with my constant state of pessimsim and depression, apparently. Too many apocalyptic thoughts are bad for the system. 

Current Playlist: Joni Mitchell, Joni Mitchell, Joni Mitchell, and, er, did I mention Joni Mitchell? I am a self-confessed folk and alternative rock addict, and I've sort of been raised on old music like this, so it only seems natural that I've got one of her albums on constant repeat right now. I'll move onto something else for a while soon, but her songs are so inspiring I doubt I'll be back to stay away for long. My current favourite is definitely ethereal...

Current Colour: Probably the same as usual. I don't spend so much time thinking about my favourite colours...although colours around me, now that's a different story. There was something bright, bright green I saw recently that I loved...but now I can't think what it was. 

Current Favourite TV Show: The Big Bang Theory! Thank the Lord for boxsets! Several straight hours of Sheldon have cheered me right up about my own state of geekiness. (Who says I don't do anything constructive on weekends?)

Current Book Wishlist: Still so many. To finish reading Matched by Ally Condie (to cut a long story short, I treated the bookshop rather like a library that day, but I did, unfortunately, have to go eventually. Though I was not kicked out, no matter what anyone tells you!), to get some of the fantastic YA books that everyone's talking about at the moment, and also to get a few of those less publicised novels that I haven't seen anywhere yet...including Joe Craig's Lifters! (edit- which I have just been informed isn't even out yet...the publication date was moved back to the end of September? GASPETH! What am I going to do now??)

Current Needs: to find twinsister dearest, wherever she has disappeared off to, to make the pile of work waiting for me as soon as the weekend's over vanish, and to find something sweet to eat...

Current Bane of My Existence: my internet connection, which is being decidedly dodgy at this moment. 

Current Objects Around Me: several CDs, random sheets of paper, random pens, game and DVD boxes, the night sky out the window. 

Currently Thinking: I better schedule some posts just in case I disappear for a while again...


And, by the way, Tora, I do read books for myself. I also just like to write reviews about those books. (Read: I write reviews when I've got writer's block for my normal form of writing. Just in case any of you readers didn't figure that out already...and as you can see I get writer's block often. Not a good sign. But what else can I do?) 

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