Sunday, 11 September 2011


Just saw a Christmas episode of a TV show that shall remain unnamed for it's own safety. It's not a programme I watch, but even flicking through the channels and seeing all the sparkly fairy lights and Christmas trees and perfectly wrapped presents and completely unbelievable and pointless Christmas-themed plotlines makes me shudder.

Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas. If I didn't actually have to go outside the house into the cold and horrible weather sometimes it would be my favourite part of the year. Mostly it's an excuse to stay inside and read, and drink hot chocolate and/or eat food that's terribly bad for you but everyone's eating it anyway so why not me? - a win-win situation - but still, it's not supposed to happen until December. Could they pass a law that stops any Christmas-y things happening/being sold until mid-November at the earliest? It's like going shopping and seeing Back To School signs everywhere when the summer term hasn't even finished.

So I escaped here to avoid the onslaught of ridiculousness that happened to be gracing one of the TV channels. And that's my rant for today done.

Dang. Just realized it was basically all about Christmas.


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