Monday, 24 October 2011

Look, Insanity Even Comes With Up-Side Down Exclamation Marks!

Except Blogger doesn't allow that kind of non-sense. (If you want to know how to create them, the it's ALT/CNTRL/SHIFT/!. It works in Word, e.c.t!)

Now the time has come to choose my Work Experiance placement, I thought I'd share with you a bit of my CV!

Ok, it's really blurry, but I think you can read it! It's good, right?

Seriously, I've had to write a CV. And listing all of the things that's I've done in my lifetime that may count towards something is really stupid. Because it all counts. Everything I've done made me who I am today, and whether or not I would be suitable for such a job. Not just the things I've passed with recognized boards of exams or organization. *sighs*

Whaddaya think, Allie?

Reader (s)?

Tora, XXX

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