Saturday, 7 January 2012

Humanity. We have to believe in free will. We have no choice.

What are we like?

Just another goddamn race upon this Earth, and yet, what have we made ourselves?

Blown abseloutly everything, everything, up beyond recognition, until that's why I am sitting here, surrounded by the things I am surrounded by. Music... Clothing... Food... Communication. All the needs of an animal, and more, have been turned into some plastic world filled with people of minds set along to this rigid way of thinking. The very idea of free will is part of one big bubble of, well... I don't have the words anymore.

Who else is there who questions all this?

I'm not sure I can explain it... It's difficult. I'll try with example to see you can get my drift.

Food. Nutrition is the basic fuel for how we keep our bodies moving, yet it has been transformed into a major business, a skill. Cookery? I mean, what? So many different articles of plastic and metal in funny shapes in my kitchen, a whole room dedicated to preparing simple, food. Disorders, people freaking out over this. Eating... has become more than the ingrained need for sustaining energy... some people somewhere work on creating chemicals that enforce greed... wrapping food up in little bit of flimsy foil... marketing it?

When you start thinking like this... it never stops...


  1. Wow. You're starting to sound just as paranoid and depressed as me now.

  2. What? Being (more) like me isn't necessarily a bad thing!


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