Monday, 9 January 2012

If you read this post, I really suggest you take up a hobby. Like chainsaw massacre. Anything to relieve your obvious and all-consuming boredom.

So, unfortunately, Allie has left us to concentrate on her upcoming exams, and we won't see anything fresh of hers till Easter. She has scheduled a few of these January Releases for your enjoyment, and I have two weeks of Science modules, but after that, it seems it's very much up to me to entertain you wit-, I mean, keep re-dusting off this Blog.

So, till then, I do suggest you watch The Last Samurai. It's a great movie, portraying the ethics of westernization and the dying culture of Japan through the eyes of worn Civil War hero, Captain Nathan Algren. Hired to train the new Federal Army of Japan in the art of war to suppress a rebellion from a band of the supposedly, last Samurai in Japan, led by the Lord Katsumoto, Algren is captured by the Samurai, and spends winter in their mountain village and slowly finds himself settling into their quiet, beautiful and disciplined ways of life.

Now, I don't want to talk about this too much, but I know there are somethings which made this film very enjoyable for me, and I just want to mention them because I know they might not apply to everyone.

Firstly, the characters. Captain Nathan Algren has a character difficult to capture in a few words, it is so full, unless you lay it out completely. Also, Tom Cruise? I never saw it before with that man, but this film just made it for me... He never seems to question the the propelling force of destiny, governed by his morals, and his nightmares. A quiet observationalist, experienced soldier, and gives a soft, beautiful and starkly truthful narrative at some points in the film.

(Oh, God, now I feel Allie's pain... Mustnotexpandtoomuchmustnotexpandtoomuch...)

The film also leads Nathan around dabbling, and sews together excellently without any forcing the main plotline, all other areas of life.

The next things are the shooting and scenery. I'm not going to meticulously describe all of the lovely shots, but let me just say, there are some great arrangements of colouration, music and overall emotion. The scenery involves a night-time city, lakes and river, misty woodlnd, and breath-taking high mountain village.

Lastly, Japan. This may be an entirely personal thing, but I am quite devoted myself, to the nation, so to learn about this deep story into the culture, and struggle to keep up with the modernizing world was deeply interesting to me.

Also, epic scene with ninjaaas... :3

This is some music for you to listen to ... until next time, mes amicos!

Next time, I shall be talking about MANGAA. *cough* Which I wanted to mention in this post, but ran out of time... *shakes fist* Damn you, time, and you Sherlock Holmes- aholicness!

Love, Tora.

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