Monday, 20 February 2012

Yeah, Cause I Actually /Can't/ Come Up With Any Reasons Why I Havn't Been Posting That Will Ensure I Won't Be Pelted With Rotten Tomatoes.

Hiya, Guys. I hoped you all enjoyed the tremendous amount of work Allie has been putting into the Blog book-wise. She has requested I come along and write some random, sane-less rants to give the appearance of breaking up these lovely reviews and er, stuff, but I know you'll just glaaaaaaze over them. So, here we are.

IT'S MONDAY. In Blog speak, that means MUSICS. Yeah. And, much to my surprise, Allie has not scheduled a Music Monday post for today! *major gaspeth* But, she has, about.... *counts* 9 or 10 others. Including... *ninja jumps out of nowhere and tackles Tora to the floor before she can say anymore*

A happy and a sad from Maria Mena. Both quite lovely.

Something slightly... out of what I usually listen to, but I kinda like this song. A lot. The story of the lyrics holds a morbid attraction. Can you figure out what it's about? (Heh. That rhymes...)

And, a heads up all you Hunger Gamers, a tribute to Katniss in "Mockingjay", the Knitted Jellyfishs' cover of the "Hanging Tree".

Till, next time!



  1. Um... And that's not weird at all, seeing myself as an 'Internet phenomenon' as Tora likes to put it :)

    Geesus. It looks so professional! (I spelt that wrong, didn't I?)

    I love the Diary of Jane music video. It's soooooo cool :)

    I am really one of the only people who comments on this blog?

    World - GET HERE! You don't know what you're missing out on! (And to all silent readers, Tora begs me to beg you to COMMENT and stop hiding. Don't worry, my twin sisters won't bite... Normally.)

    Bye, sweet blog xx

    Xxx Annon xxX

    P.s Oooh Allie and Toz... You don't suppose I could do a book review and you post it? Pweeezzze? I'm you're faithful comment-er!

  2. Annon,

    *laughs* But you deserve it, of course! You were wonderful. :)

    Nope, you didn't! *highfives*

    I know, right?

    Yes. Sadly. *shakes head* But you can always promote us and stuff if you want xD
    How dare you insinuate we do anything so tame as bite!

    Aw, hope you can pop in more often, Annoosh!


    P.S. Hmm, I shall ask the Toz right away!


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