Wednesday, 29 August 2012

There Are No Excuses....

A whole summer, gone! Inexplicably, during a time when technically we should have had the most time to dedicate to the blogosphere, we managed to totally abandon it. Instead of capitalising on a brief surge in traffic, we let the blog drift into its current lonely and idle state.

We apologise, dear readers. (If there are any of you left.)

 We could have spent an entire season improving our non-fiction skills, whether it be reviews of the literary kind or reviews of our daily experiences themselves. Our contributions could have exploded into cyberspace garnering praise from every corner of the earth. Mindless ramblings could have transformed into astounding observations, explanations or even salutations of the achievements of a race bound to a planet which is dying beneath our feet.

But the truth is, readers, none of that was ever really likely to happen.

I mean, the closest I get to saving the planet is making sure I put the recycling out on time. Mostly I'd rather have my head stuck in a book than in a school of thought that would inevitably lead me to contemplation of humanity's destruction. (I'm telling you now, me in a perpetual state of Armageddon-related paranoia is not a pretty sight.)

Besides, I doubt my obsession with analytically reviewing books is going to make universal headlines any time soon.

For now, though, we're back! (Or at least I am, since Tora's not here at exactly this moment to consult on the matter.)

More posts to come, if I can pull myself out of my regret-filled, guilty wallowing pit. How could I have let an entire summer pass by without posting at all?! I bring shame upon myself.


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