Monday, 1 April 2013

No Post on Sunday

Happy Easter!

Or, y'know, Eostre. Or spring equinox.Or whichever it is you celebrate.

I've spent the weekend with my brother and his family. It was superb- I met the Gruffalo (well, a wood carving of him, but don't tell my niece and nephew that) and performed a very complex Easter egg hunt, resulting in not one, but two prizes. I never knew that Green & Blacks did Easter eggs, let alone 70% mint supreme quality Easter eggs. I thank my sister-in-law for that; her present buying ability remains unrivaled in this (extended) family.

In honour of the passing of Mr. Griffiths, there is not going to be any post on Easter Sunday this year, so I'm going to schedule this for tomorrow. I bid you all goodnight.



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