Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Wahey for completing targets

Now I just have to figure out what to write about in this post. I suppose I could write about a book I've recently read, how rude it is to edit other people's posts, rate the different Easter eggs I've devoured since Sunday, describe the changes to decoration I'm making in my bedroom (it will be twice as cool as yours by the time I'm finished, Allie), my top tips for revising effectively, fangirl over- alright that is not on, the html thingy says "fangirl" isn't a real word. Well that just shows what you know- the films coming out in May. Alternatively, I could post my ideas about The Bells of St John, which was the latest Dr. Who episode,   or having phobias, or the best April Fool's jokes I've come across. I could also send out a message to teens with depression, rant about Misha Collins, or list the foreign TV shows I'd recommend if you're sick of the BBC, or waffle about just how lovely Charles McAvoy's voice is. Maybe I could write about all the things I could write about, or some music I've gotten into lately.

Tora, out.

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