Saturday, 14 May 2011

My First (and Probably Pathetically Short) Post

Allie here. As you can probably tell. You'll probably be able to tell which one of us it is in future just by looking at how many times The Obvious Is Stated in a post.

So. Me. This is where I'll either get tongue-tied or go off on a rant.

Stuff You Probably Don't Need Or Want To Know But I'm Going To Tell You Anyway (About Me): I am a ferocious reader. I love books. And writing. If you don't believe me, you'll find out over the course of the blog...if you deem it worthy enough to stick around.

I'm a music junkie. Enough said. Words cannot express my obsession with music. Maybe in time I'll be able to sort out a list of my favourite artists...

I like a lot of other things, which I tried to talk about but I ended up typing out a load of meaningless waffle, so I deleted it. I'll do it some other time. (I am also a procrastinator, if you haven't figured that out already.) I'm a perfectionist, too. Not really a good combination.

Seeing as the longer I try to work on this post, the more faults I'll find, I'm going to publish it now....


Tora, you knew where I was.

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