Sunday, 15 May 2011

Sugar and Spice and All Th- Oh, Who Am I Kidding?

Just a quick post. Not much time, and also, this is mainly me trying to come up with better post titles. I swear, I do actually have an imagination. Sometimes. When it feels like it. My temperamental-ness (I'm pretty sure temperamentaliy isn't a word) will soon become clear...

Apparently I have a reputation for being all dark and depressing. Not quite Gothic - yet - but almost permanently...dark. Especially when it comes to writing. Now, not gore. But need to come up with a traumatised, bordering-on/actually psychotic character, and I could probably help you.

It obviously occasionally rubs off on Tora, but I shall proclaim that her mood today was not my fault. No, Fallen by Lauren Kate is to blame. It has nothing to do with the book or plot or anything itself, exactly. It is a brilliant book. I know it doesn't (or I don't) make sense. It's a long story.

But it's not the point of this post. Moving on.

(I guess I'm really rambling a little. Just a bit.)

This blog will basically be one of us posting, and then the other posting as well, just to contradict it. Such is my/our boredom/procrastination/inability-to-let-things-go/inability-to-keep-from-expressing-views. On everything.

Tora really will be OK tomorrow. It was just a momentary lapse in...well, I won't say sanity, because, as you know, neither of us possesses any. She'll be running through meadows of wildflowers, singing songs from The Sound Of Music, and obsessively plaiting some poor child's hair.

On second thoughts, that could equally be me. Who knows what will happen tomorrow. It's just an ordinary day, but you never know...I could wake up a blossom of beaming sunshine!

(In my dreams.)

Also: I promise we'll start writing worthwhile posts...eventually...


Yes. we are writing a book. I was just- meh, doesn't matter.

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