Monday, 16 May 2011

The Hills Are Alive ...

The most perfect idea: Allie, you know what we should have called this blog?

Insanity of the Finest Degree.


S-s-s-s-sugar, I got the darned thing stuck on italics. Well, you'll know why it's completely all in italics right? Well, that completely ruined the entire grandness of the phrase. However, to save this from becoming completely me talking to Allie, which I do every day, anyway, I'll introduce this-

Desert Island Books

Which books 5 books would you take to a Desert Island for a long-term stay?

It's something my library did, and I'm going to think about it. Another book related-topic is The Worst Book You've Ever Read. Another meme is Casting Characters. I'll try all of these in the next post, Al probably will too.

OK, these italics are really starting to annoy me.

So, yes, as Allie also promised, I'll come back with something worth reading next time! Please! Do not be put off by the Waffle!

Virtual Hugs---



  1. Yeah, but Insanity of the Finest Degree is the name of Aya's blog, Tora. *rollseyes*

  2. No, I just read the blog, too...


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