Tuesday, 14 June 2011

We're putting you under arrest for murder, attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and I don't know, possibly littering.


Let's just say, before I launch into a speech full of reasons (Read: Excuses) for not posting ... that you were not forgotten!

*Launches into speech*

Firstly, I had exams. Results are starting to trickle through, but though I did well, next years needs a little more effort. Secondly, mother started a new regime on keeping a lid on the computer, especially internet acess. (Which reminds me. I have to finish this Tech before I do anything else) Thirdly, on top of that, I'm swamped with ideas, more books, yet another novel me and sister dear are starting ...

And I feel ill.

On the upside, I had another bagel ...

I'd hate to hear me yadda about my own poor life here, so I'll cut it now.



P.S Allie- Ohhhhhh.... you are so getting it for that.

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