Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Did I Last Sign In Before or After WW3?

Tricky one. Huh.

Wait a moment.

World War 3 hasn't happened yet, has it?

Hey-ho, people-who-have-ghost-complex-who-read-this-blog-but-who-might-actually-not-exsist, Tora remembered you do exsist! I'm not going to blab about my life. I'm not going to tell you how much work I've had ( a lot), how Iannoyed I have been at Allie for not reading certain books ( A lot), how surprised I've been by the books she has read which I've read but she didn't tell me and I didn't give to her... (wait, what was the question?), or how different Yr 10 is (a lot), and I'm not even going to mention manga.

All of which leaves me with nothing to say.

Sorry about that.


Alright! Since you don't want to know, I will also just breifly (not) mention how abseloutely amazing the musical Jesus Christ Superstar is. Though, of course, our school's production beats annnnnnnyyy of the films so far... *coughhintcough*

Tir Na Og! Woot. Love that story.

I may talk a little about the Guants House Summer Gathering, the most beautiful event each year. The music is spectacular, the workshops are brilliant, and the setting's just so full of love. I have great, great friends there, from all around the country, drawn together, and now I sound like a real hippie. Before you lose interest, I would just like to say I'm running out of synonyms for amazing, but you get the picture. Guants is my second home.

Tora, XXX.

Still almost mad. Still almost sane. Still that shade of grey region inbetween.

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