Friday, 7 October 2011

Hey, the reason I listen to the radio while doing homework is to make sure WW3 doesn't break out while I'm busy concentrating on chemistry calculations.

I hope you all enjoyed Tora's appearance during the week - and yes, I know her posts are more interesting than mine.

(I'm thinking it was a good idea for my twinsister to not talk about manga. Because if she did she would publicly berate me for not reading as many of them as I should be. For anyone who's interested, I'm currently trying to get through the utterly fluffy and my-guilty-pleasure-of-the-manga-world, Mars. But don't ask me to give you detailed information about it. I just like the drawings.)

By the way, while she's been away, Tora married Matthew, as in Matthew of the Gospels in the Bible, and had two sons. Mark, who became one of the other Gospel writers, and James, who I have to say is clearly underachieving compared to the rest of his prolific family.

Anyway, neither of us have been able to blog lately because of school and many, many other commitments, but I'll try to schedule some posts soon just to keep you going. And, by the way, it would be great if anyone who's been reading this could comment, so we could know for sure you're here!

Today, I finally got to the library for the first time in nearly three weeks. It was like a light in the darkness. An exodus to the Promised Land. Autumns leaves swept through the door and swirled in the air around me before being laid carefully on the ground before me to comfort my tired feet. Books and fellow book-readers cried my name in praise and choirs of angels swung down from heaven-

OK. So it wasn't exactly like that.

It was more like me noticing - hallelujah! - that there were new books on the shelves (I can literally tell if there's a single book out of place by now.) and that there were just waiting for me to pick them up and take them home...I could turn it into an In My Mailbox post, but I can't be bothered to take all the (undoubtedly pretty) pictures and upload them. So, in a brief summary; Forever by Maggie Stiefvater (a series which Tora despises for certain unmentionable - no, not that! - reasons, but which I can't seem to help but love), Passion, by Lauren Kate (OK, so I've cheated myself out owning the third book as well as the first two with this one. But I couldn't wait any longer!), TimeRiders Day of the Predator and The Doomsday Code by Alex Scarrow 9isn't that just the best name ever?), Jane Austen Stole My Boyfriend, by Cora Harrison (I own I was Jane Austen's Best Friend. I was given an uncorrected book proof actually, so I got to read it before a lot of other people, but I had to wait forever to get the sequel...) and several others I now do not have time to mention.

Au rev- well, actually, I can't spell that version of goodbye, so you're going to have to puit up with me sticking to plain old English. Until next time, citizens of the blogosphere!


You know I've been trying to read Skullduggery Pleasant, Tora...


  1. Hey! Hey! I learned Tir Na Og, thanks. Geez.

    Also. Wait.

    Mars? Guilty pleasure? Fluffy? O_____o

    Don't worry, Allie, it's a my fault, all mine... I should have educated you sooner. *trying not to hyperventilate* What'll she do when she reads something that really is fluffy? Or a guilty pleasure... *walks off muttering*

  2. And are you educated in the correct grammar of -the-country-that-Tir-Na-nOg-originates from? *arched eyebrow*

    (Well, I'm not either, but that's besides the point. I just know it's right. So there.)

    *laughs* Hey, they were Cat's words orginally. I was just quoting...I seem to have adopted them for myself.

    I'm perfectly fine with blaming you, by the way. *nods* That way when I say something wrong that is supposed to be manga related I can say: 'Mytwinsisterdidn'tteachme!'


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