Tuesday, 25 October 2011

My Name is Allison and Sometimes My Twin Sister Really Does Seem To Be The One Who Was Born With All The Common Sense. (Just occasionally.)

OK, so this post is mainly in reply to Tora's last two blog posts...

Ciao is hello, too. I think. So you're OK.



On second thoughts, I'm not going to bother with the whole acceptance speech. I mean, yeah, Gwyneth Paltrow eat your heart out, but I seriously do not have the energy to type out ten minutes' worth of thank-yous right now.

I know I'm technically published, in a way, but I mean a book, that people can buy in shops. Or on Amazon. Or wherever. (Personally, I must promote LIBRARIES and BOOKSHOPS. Especially the ones with the comfy chairs and the muffins.)

However, I will settle for being published online. Which - technically - means I have been published may, many times.


*does jig*

Onto the next post...

They use upside down exclamation marks in Spanish. They're very cool.

*laughs* Thanks for posting that, Tora. Makes me laugh every time.

(There's a lot of inside jokes there. If you want to know what they are - well, I'm not telling you. But if anyone does know, COMMENT! *highfives non existent people*)

And, just for the record, I share Tora's sentiments about the CV. I could rant about being indivual and everything, but I don't have time. So I shall leave you with this: Tora is...amaxzing. And so much more than a CV could ever describe.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to rescue a kitten.


Oh, and hi, Anon/Annon/Rhiannon.


  1. Hello guys!

    This is an awesome blog by the way! Thanx for letting me comment!

    C Ya


    P.s Allie - you have a kitten to rescue? *awww*

  2. Hey Annon!

    Why, thank you :) I do0n't feel like you're being biased at all...

    Yes, indeed, we do have a kitten to rescue. Five of them...


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