Friday, 28 October 2011

You Are Not Alone, People Who Harbour Secret LotR Dreams But Are In A Caged Exsistance Of Being Unable To Express Their True Feelings. Ok. Maybe You -

ZOMG! There is actually a limit on the length of titles. That just ruined my whole day. Now I will never be able to write a title for my blog without the impending restriction of limit on length.

My Freak. *buries head in hands*


Samwise- Barbara

(Hey, I'm Barbara, although I prefer 'Dippy', or 'Aerrow' as I'm known on some sites. I'm a gaming nerd and proud otaku, pleased to meet you!)

Frodo- Tibaba

('Sup, I'm Tibi, as my friends like to call me, and I can be known as very random at times! I'm the boffin of our group, and am constantly being yelled at by them for singing too much! I send you my Salutations! :P)

Gandalf The Grey- Harry


The Balrog- Sam.


That's men for you. For all their great mathematical knowledge, they cannot sit in what could even be considered any sort of blood relative to a circle. But that's unrelated. Excuse the pun.

Enjoy the delirium, people.


Side note: D'you how many ways people pronouce Tora? I've had (Tawwwwwwwwhra (Americans. Check out the Western drawl.) Tohh-rah (Londonians) Tahh-ra (Scots). C'mon. There are harder names to pronouce.

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  1. *laughs* About the men thing - you sound like my Home Ec teacher. Her crusade against men...her poor husband.

    Harry should win an Oscar for his portrayal of Gandalf!


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