Thursday, 20 October 2011

Right. I claim to be a writer. Ummm....not so sure of that....

I mean, an aspiring writer. But that makes me sound like one of the many millions of people around the world who say they're going to write a book but never do.

Believe me, I am going to be doing my utmost to write a full-length novel worthy of publishing. I have tried already, but I have time (unless I get caught in a hit and run or something tomorrow. Which would not be good. But let's not tempt fate.) and apparently I should be focusing on getting smaller stuff finished (which, I have to admit is very good advice. HEED IT! The satisfaction of finishing something smaller helps in the long run. Or so I'm told.)

(I may repeat again; neither Tora nor I are published authors, except if you count via the internet or competitions. We are in-progress writers, we are artists, we are supernovas (or at least she is. Me, on the other hand...) and everything in between (that's more like it! I must remember to add that to my 'About Me' section) but we are also learning, and we will get there. Or at least she will. Probably before me.Because Tora is too amazing to not do something utterly brilliant...possibly by this time next week. If she hasn't already.)

(Wow, the twinsisterly love is really flowing here today.)

(As is the use of brackets.)

The poor, understated, underused, humble bracket. Remember when you first learn how to use them, and they are...simply addictive? And then they gradually fall into disuse...but never fear, BRACKETS OF THE WORLD! YOU ARE SAFE HERE!

Just in case they can't hear lowercase letters.

I'd put in a picture of a bracket but that would be going overboard.

(Read: No I am not obsessed, just bored, and trying to sound vaguely interesting. Even if that means sounding slightly hyper and very, very insane. More so than usual.)

*breathes sigh of relief*

I needed that. Rant over, readers.

Back to the world of sandpaper, apple tarts, wrong ingredients, door stoppers, strange songs, sleep deprivation, and doing whatever else we students are supposed to do. Studenting?

I mean, studying!

LOOK! A RAINBOW! *points*



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