Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Random blog post, because it's a better use of my time than making homemade bunny ears.

Don't ask. Just. Don't.

So, I should have something to say, shouldn't I?


Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all.

Well, I'm sitting here with my laptop in front of me trying to write, and failing, because MY CREATIVITY HAS BEEN SQUASHED OUT OF ME BY THE MONSTER THEY CALL ENDLESS STUDYING, and blogging seemed like the only other reasonable thing to do with the little time online I have right now.

I wish I had something exciting to write about. L;ike the awesome Kiersten White over at her blog Kiersten Writes (see what she did there?! LOVE IT). Where she is not afraid to post pictures of herself  posing with fishes or self-deprecating posts comparing herself to the other writers she has met on her book tour (Bad Kiersten!!) or even having very public conversations with her Laptop. Where the laptop actually answers for itself.

Oh, how I wish I was like that.

Or even like Tahereh Mafi over at Grab A Pen/Stir Your Tea (the latter's the bit that shows up on the URL. Decided I'd just slap it onto the link there in case it's the actual name of the blog instead of Grab a Pen which comes up on my favourites list.) who has just received copies of her book Shatter Me (Which I did a Waiting-On Wednesday post about, if you remember, loyal readers who may not exist) and is feeling a little bit weepy....well, I would be too, wouldn't you?! Weepy in a good way, I mean. Not weepy as in cry your heart out over The Notebook or My Sister's Keeper because you feel like doing nothing else with your life. 9I'm sure they're great movies. But just not my style. (Point of interest about me: I don't cry at books, or movies. Ever. Never have, probably never will. I HAVE A HEART OF STONE. *wails*)

Or maybe even Veronica Roth....(SORRY SORRY SORRY I haven't read Divergent yet, but I will be soon. Promise.) over at her website and blog, where she's just moved to ROMANIA (Not on the blog. Like, seriously, actually MOVED TO ROMANIA.) among many other exciting things.

< - A version of the Divergent cover. Isn't it jaw-droppingly, amazingly, absolutely stunning?! If I sdee this anywhere, I'm buying it. Immediately.

I think that's enough links for now. Slash-things-I'm-pointing-out-because-they-point-out-exactly-what-a terrible-and-boring-blogger-I-am.

I think I've self-indulged for long enough now. Hopefully karma won't kill me because I've just accidently-on=purpose promoted some of my favourite blogs by some people who are truly brilliant (at least, this is what I'm led to believe. I've never met any of them. Either THEIR BLOGS LIE!


If any of the authors I have mentioned want to come over and I'mgoingtohyperventilateatthethoughofitsoI'dbetterstopnow.


Wow. I sure did use capital letters to their full effect in that post.

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