Monday, 31 October 2011

Spooky, scary, supernatural....

(I promise I promise I promise I won't do any more Halloween-themed posts...)

All right, so this post will basically do what it says on the tin. And I know Tora hates when I do those kinds of posts, but c'mon, I couldn't resist. Lately I've seen so many books around that could be classed as Hallowe'en-ish that I just have to do a post about them. I won't bore you for long though (unless you are a book-fan, in which case, WELCOME! and I hope you enjoy the post.) I'm going to do one of my favourite spooky/scary/supernatural books from both children's novels and YA books.
First up, taking the prize for (Funniest) Spooky Kids' book(s):  Debi Gliori's Strega Borgia Chronicles (to give it it's proper title). 
There are two trilogies; the 'Pure Dead' trilogy, and the 'Deep' trilogy. The books take place in the magnificent StregaSchloss (what a name for a house!) and features the Strega-Borgia family; Signor Luciano, Signora Baci, and the children, Titus, Pandora, Damp, and later, Nieve. They are bizarre and hilarious character who come to life very easily - the books are hilarious and action-packed. Think the Addams Family, but kids under 12 will probably get the most enjoyment out of it. 

Oh, and did I mention the cryogenically frozen Strega-Nonna, and the monsters Ffup, Sab, and Tock? (Better mention Multitudina the Illiterat too lest she bite my ear off...)

And now, taking the award for YA Supernatural/Scary/Spooky book for this Hallowe'en....

(OK, so it'a not so much a single book, as an author.)

L.J. Smith, you may take your bow!

Her books, especially the Night World series, feature the classic portrayal of vampires, but crossed with elements of romance, and of course set in our modern-day world. She also wrote the Vampire Diaries (that TV know the one, with the AMAZINGLY HUNKY vampire brothers? Ha. I knew that would get your attention...! But it's true.) which I have read, though I have to say I don't like those ones as much. (No offence, AMAZINGLY HUNKY vampire brothers who feature in the series.)

I'm definitely not a massive vampire fan, but they are my guilty pleasure, now revealed to the world. And, in a perfect twist of fate, there's probably a copy of one of her books in every library in the world, thanks to the recent craze -started-by-the-book-which-shall-not-be-named, so there's no excuse for not trying them.

Anyway, I better go now before twinsister dearest murders me* for mentioning the v-word on the blog.


*with a knife in the drawing room! We're so playing Cluedo tomorrow. And that will be the end of the Hallowe'en festivities. I swear I'm not into it as much as my recent posts have made out. It's just I've gone on a blogging binge and it happened to occur around this time of year...

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