Monday, 31 October 2011

Yes, Halloween is completely commercialised and Americanised and whatever other words there are for stuff like that. But....

As much as I try to abstain from it (unlike Tora, there will be no Halloween  parties for me - not even trick-or-treating) somehow, it always sneaks in...sly old fox of a holiday....

Our bathroom is currently a homage to Psycho. Blood-hand-print-stained shower curtain, and everything. There are a lot of Halloween sweets. And coloured hairspray for the others who are actually going to participate in the strange tradition of traipsing around from house to house in the pitch dark and freezing cold, with steadily growing bags of junk and money (OK, that part I'm not so objectionable to) with a large group of people dressed in varying types of black bin bags and white bed sheets.

(And all right, all right, I know there are so fantastic costumes out there. Like - hello! - Amy Winehouse. Picture this: little primary school kid, cute as button, with a huge knotty beehive and layers of mascara. Obviously without the alcohol and drug addictions, but still! Only at Halloween...)

And, even better. Bellatrix Lestrange! Can you imagine?


Seriously, that comparison was not intentional....but I so have to put it live on the blog now.

Right, now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to find my missing black t-shirt....


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