Saturday, 29 October 2011

When I grow up...I am NOT going to be a member of the Pussycat Dolls.

....I am, in fact, going to, one day, get myself a writing-room/study, like this:

And yes, it IS going to be that tidy. Even though this is me we're talking about. I can't write with my room all messy or my feng-shui all messed up. (I knew that much before I even knew about feng-shui.) By the way, it is in a shed. So what? *pointed stare*

Or's going to be like this:

Just look at that comfy chair! And the gorgeous desktop computer that probably crashes a lot less than my own dear laptop...I might swap the rug, but I'd defintiely have one. I'd need it there for when I get so frustrated I need to lie on the floor and throw missiles stuff at the ceiling. Couldn't do that without a nice fluffy rug. And it's in an attic! With a skylight! :D I have always written well in attics. With skylights. *nods*

OK, so maybe there's a third choice I have in mind....But LOOK! It's so pretty...! The only thing I woudl change would be to make the chairs softer. And bigger. And- what the hey, why not add a bed in there, as well? Knowing me I'll probably end up doing a lot of late-night writing/watching films while eating junk food pretending I'm writing and not consoling myself over stuff, and life in general...

I'm going to stop talking now.


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