Monday, 27 February 2012

Right, Y'all. Have Some Unwanted Advice from a Jumped Up Fifteen Year Old.

It's up to you whether you read this or not. Today I was confronted with the question, "What do you centre your life around?" With a list of examples, such as "Friends, Relationships, School, Parents, Hobbies, Work, Stuff."

I was absolutely baffled. I couldn't think. Friends? Was it? No, I didn't think so. I hardly spent all my time on my friends, or edited my self to fit their mould. That don't mean they ain't important to me. So, not that.

Neither is it relationships. I have a boyfriend . I've been with him for 6 months (and I still haven't gotten used to the idea!) , I see him during school sometimes and we meet up every few weeks. I certainly talk to him alot. But I realized fast that wasn't because I centre my life around him, but because first and foremost, he is a great friend. (Side note: I could never get those relationships based entirely on attraction. ) So check off that.

Parents? Nope. I don't consider my parents in every decision I make. I respect their opinion and always ask them, but I downright contradicted my mother when she insisted I take Art, but I chose Music instead.

School. Pffft. You kid me? Too young for work, and I'm not that dedicated to any hobbies. Certainly not blogging. *guilty look*

Thing is... I have no frickin' idea! Or, wait, I do. I don't centre my life around any single things. Everything plays its role with me. Suddenly! I had discovered the cause of my feeling so broad, stretched thin and no direction.

The questioner went on to suggest you centre your life around the principles you most value instead of material things. These commonly include Honesty, Fairness, Equality, Hard Work... ect, ect, I'm sure you know them all. It seems a pretty good solution. *smile* I'mma try. I also vow to post on the blog... more... with more cr- uh, rubbish you don't want.

For now, have a pretty addictive song. The lyrics are hard to make out unless they're in front of you, so here they are:

And then I found this lyric video. Don't get distracted from the song, but the animation is pretty damn awesome. It's also now my official theme song for my character Nate.

Love, Tora.

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