Friday, 20 April 2012

The silence is deafening around here.

Yes, I know, I know. Our habitual abandoing of you is disloyal and unbeleiveable. But we have excuses, I swear! Like a kid who hasn't done their homework for the second day in a row, the grovelling is soon to follow...

Oh, wait, you mean you didn't know I was gone?!

Oh yeah, those scheduled posts. Phew. Nothing to worry about then.

Hold on. You say that the mysterious absence of regular rants let you know something was up?
Dayum. We need better cover!

Yes, you did get a ton of book-related post. Yes, you are probably bored to tears by now.

Readers, we apologise.

Let us hope (and [perhaps pray, if the worst comes to the worst) that you can forgive us and this very apologetic and very of-course-this-isn't-scheduled post will give you some kind of beleive that we're not dead, hanging from a noose somewhere, caught up ina revolution or doing anything else quite so unsavoury.

(You can't totally tell I've been learning off my history book by heart....)

Anyway, this is just a quick message to say wer'e still here adn we'll be back online really soon. For now, explore the archives to your hearts content, or comment and see if you can get our elusive attention...


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