Thursday, 26 April 2012

I want a ukulele~

I asked my Dad for a ukulele once. He gave me a 3/4 sized guitar. I still want a ukele- or a bass- or something with four strings, but that's for later. Now I can play on guitar! (A full-sized one, at that, not the little midget thing). Apparently, if you placed a capo (for those non-musicians, a little clamp thing) on the fifth fret, you'd be in the same key as ukele. But I don't have a capo.

I don't think I've talked about music. Let's talk about one of mine and Allie's biggest passions, then.

I got my first instrument eight years ago- a tinny keyboard that still lovingly has it's place of honour in the middle of my bedroom. I've never had one lesson on the thing- I'm from the realms of self-taught guitarists and pianists, God save us all, but my instrument of choice is oboe.

I honestly don't blame you if you've never even heard of it- (for those you don't know, they look like this - ) I hadn't, until my ten year old self decided to choose possibly one of the hardest insturments in the classical orchestra to play, because I'm clever like that. It's been five years now, and I still spend a ridiculous amount of time each day wrestling notes from that distastrous stick of wood with holes in it.

Allie, for her part, sings like a frickin' angel. You should hear her "Halleluja". Unfortunately, due to recent-ish loss of voice, her singing capacity has been lowered, but I pray to God each day it'll return soon to full brilliance.

You've probably noticed, from our "Music Mondays", that Allie is far more knowledgable about modern music than I, something I constantly am in awe of, as well as her excellent taste in it. One the other hand, I, much more selfishly, enjoy playing it rather than listening to it. Which you may have picked up from the fact I have posted some of my embarrasingly amateur compositions on this blog.

So. Yeah. That was just me talking about myself. There was no point to this blog post. Oh, God. I'm running out of reasonable things to say.


(NB: Mucho thanks to my awesome partner Annon- the other half of the slightly-insane duo the Knitted Jellyfish :) )

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