Monday, 18 June 2012

Music Monday

Orla Gartland needs to stop teasing me! Her new single was released yesterday (and it even has a B-side!!)  on June 17th, Seriously, it's amazing, but I need more! As if dozens Youtube videos weren't enough (and Tora will be proud to see Orla's ukulele featuring in many) her music inspires me to write SO MUCH. Thank you, Orla, for allowing me to indulge in my favourite folk-pop sound as well as getting on with the work I need to do!

Orla's single - Devil On My Shoulder

And (the equally amazing) B-side song, the Ground

The thing with Orla Gartland is that she writes with incredible fluidity - her songs sound so natural, and they seem to simply slip from her in a wave of honesty and sincerity. To make words appear so flawless is not something I could ever hope to emulate, but Orla's lyrics do it every time. And her voice - it's easy on the ears, of course, but more than that it strikes a chord (no pun intended) whatever the material. From carefree covers (see her version of Hey Ya by OutKast for a great summer song) to light originals (Steps is my favourite) to powerful, evoking narratives like the ones featured above, you'll find anything you could ever wish for in a young-singer songwriter with Orla Gartland.

Let us hope she releases an EP as soon as possible...I'm dying here!



  1. Great article! I completely sympathize with your need for an EP, I can't wait either!
    I did my own little review of this if you'd like to have a look

    1. Very nice! It's great to know other fans feel the same way - though for now we'll have to do with those wonderful 45 Youtube videos to get us through :)


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