Monday, 16 May 2011


"New Wave derived meaning from it's own meaninglessness. Dude, the tautology is so intended."

Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly is my favourite book. Ever. I'd never been able to pick one before I read it. But now, it's always top. Without question one of my Desert Island Books. In fact, if I had to, my only Desert Island Book. It's that good.

The quote above is by an unnamed character. There are some brilliant ones by named characters, obviously, but that's one of my favourites, even though it's not even expanded upon.

If you haven't read it, you can't imagine how brilliant it is.

It's about a girl called Andi Alpers, a depressed, dark, haunted teenager in present-day New York, and Alexandrine Paradis, who has been caught up in the French Revolution. Andi is an amazingly gifted musician, and music is her life - literally. She has nothing else to live for; her father left after the events that caused her depression, and he was always distant anyway - he's a geneticist, obsessed with his work - and her mother is lost in her own world. Alone and about to fail her last year at school, she's taken to Paris, and discovers a diary hidden within an ancient  guitar case - Alex's. The two stories unfold, two girls separated by hundreds of years - but inexplicably connected. 

Not to mention all the intertwining arcs and characters. Especially the wonderful, and wonderfully-named Virgil.

I'm going to review it properly - not today, I don't have time - but I'm going to leave you with another quote, which is probably the one I like the best.

"I'm wishing he could see that music lives. Forever. That it's stronger than death. Stronger than time. And that its strength holds you together when nothing else can." 

I know, I know, I'm dangling it in front of your face but not telling you anything about it, so how can you decide to read it or not? But seriously, it's amazing YA fiction. A decent length, too, so you'll have to really get involved with it.

So - Read. It. 

I'll probably do a more general blog post in a minute, but I want to put this up in case I don't get to do anything else.


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